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"Moby does a good job of simplifying the entire meta ad structure, and really works with you to find something that helps you and your situation.  

He’s not pushy about stuff, is very flexible and he’s always available to chat.

I would definitely recommend Moby to other people, and already have"

- Dr. Avi Patel, online entrepreneur

stressed about hunting for future business?

A steady stream of leads from the right market is oxygen for a business.

What may be happening in your business:

1️⃣ Relying solely on referrals and word-of-mouth means your future cashflow is in the hands of others, and you don't have control

2️⃣ The absence of a consistent lead generation system makes it difficult to forecast scales and set growth targets

3️⃣ Not knowing when the next customers will come can be particularly stressful and make it hard to invest in future business growth

Without a consistent flow of potential customers, not only is your growth potential limited, but you have to constantly switch contexts between running the business and finding new business.

build a consistent lead generation engine with facebook ads

The dream is right there for your taking - a predictable influx of potential clients, without the highs and lows that come with unreliable lead sources.

1️⃣ Drive consistent leads with a well-structured and targeted campaign that reaches your ideal audience consistently

2️⃣ Scale your lead generation efforts proportionally to your expansion plans

3️⃣ Gain a sense of certainty and confidence that's unparalleled


"As a bootstrapped startup - I was worried about not being able to achieve any results without a high marketing budget. Moby proved me wrong.

As a result of working with Moby, we built a solid strategy that was tailored to the markets we target and the position we're in.

Moby has been very enjoyable to work with on a personal level and taught us a lot about what we can achieve without too many resources.

Whether you're ready or not, I don't think it's ever too soon to have this conversation. You'd be surprised"

- Daniel Sakhai, startup founder

How it works

1️⃣ Submit request for a strategy session

2️⃣ Coordinate with Moby for your session's time

3️⃣ Get a custom strategy within 5 days


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Case study

VC-backed startup books 100+ ICP meetings

Case study

Zaki Anwar's business generates 150+ leads in 90 days


"Before jumping into a strategy session with Moby, we thought we would receive generic advice but the session was focused on learning about our business and our needs.

Moby really helped structure our thoughts and brought them on paper. We wanted to try out multiple directions at once but Moby gave us a clear direction and defined steps on how to execute our marketing strategy.

What was most meaningful was having our thoughts structured and represented diagrammatically to help us internally refer to it and remain focused.

He really listens to your exact needs to craft a customized strategy."

- Ahmad Malik, CEO

Case study

VC-backed startup generates 370+ ICP leads

Case study

AI consultancy lands meetings with Microsoft, Ford, and Deall

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